Waze App Review: An App for Free Driving Directions

Waze App

Launched about a decade ago, Waze continues to be the ultimate choice for millions of users all over the world.

One of the remarkable traits that has endeared it to the hearts of a huge number of people is its crowdsource base.

Now. there is a new update for its application for smartphone and Android Auto, which introduces a lot of fascinating improvements.

The Waze app has established itself as a navigation tool, with a special focus on user-friendliness.

It’s this ease of use that makes it possible for it to win the “hearts” of users.

But even after it was acquired in 2013 by Google

, the software keeps on showing a handful of bugs and malfunctions.

After all, a perfect application can only be found in a utopian world, and the release of new features usually comes with some bugs.

Waze App for Smartphone & Android Auto Receives New Update With Bug Fix

Waze has received a new update with a number of exciting improvements in the version for smartphone as well as that for Android Auto.

Today, a lot of cars already have Android Auto installed in their on-board computer. A feature that allows their users to enjoy many navigation applications.

Users often end up selecting between Google Maps and Waze. But owing to some bugs, the former app is normally chosen. 

Until now, there were 2 great features that made Waze a lot more efficient in-car switching

These were real-time incident warnings and the capability to use streaming services, like Spotify.

Unfortunately, a lot of users have encountered issues with music playback through Spotify, which has made them to eventually ditch Waze for Google Maps. 

Apart from this, route selection has equally shown some inefficiency, particularly in comparison to Google Maps.

Now, in this latest update, the issues appear to have been fixed. And there are also a number of design changes for facilitating the viewing of essential info.

With respect to smartphones, one of the commonest problems users have reported with Waze was calculating the distance or time between points A and B.

It had been difficult to pinpoint the occurrence of this problem to a particular cause. 

Once again, it seems this challenge has been resolved in the new update.

 Also, the Waze app for a smartphone has presented a few problems to users while receiving GPS signal on many smartphones, and this should have also been fixed in this recent update.

Why You Need the Waze App

If you are still vacillating and are not sure if this app will be perfect for you, here are top reasons Waze comes highly recommended for your daily commute.  

  • Waze lets you see what is happening: With the app, you will stay informed with alerts on traffic, police, hazards, and lots more on your drive
  • It helps you get to your destination faster: With instant routing changes, you can avoid traffic and prevent waste of time
  • It allows you to play music and more: You can listen to your best apps for music, podcasts, and lots more right from your Waze app
  • The tool helps you determine when you will arrive: It offers ETA that is based on live and accurate traffic data 
  • It helps you cut down on costs for gas: With this app, you can find the cheapest gas along your route

Always stay updated with the latest happenings on the road with the Waze app. Even if you are familiar with your route, the software gives you real-time info on traffic, construction, crashes, police, and lots more.


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