What Is Snapchat Streak? How to Restore Your Lost Snapchat Streak

How to Restore Your Lost Snapchat Streak

If you are an avid Snapchat user, you’ll be all too familiar with “streaks”. Worried about getting your lost Snapchat streak back? In this post, we discuss all you need to know about addressing this snafu.

Indubitably, one of the worst things that could ever happen to you as a netizen who is a regular on Snapchat is losing your best ever streak, which you have spent weeks building up.

Fortunately, restoring your streaks is not such an onerous task.

Let’s show you how to get it done.

Understanding the Basics — What Are Snapchat Streaks?

When you & your buddies frequently Snapchat each other, you build up a Snapchat streak, officially referred to as a Snapstreak, which increases when you exchange a Snap within a 24-hr period for 3 consecutive days.

As you engage in this, you’ll see your friend has a flame emoji (a fire emblem) that is next to their name. If you continue to send snaps each day, the number next to the flame will grow bigger.

You will notice that an egg timer will show up next to their name if you’re close to your Snapstreak ending.

Unfortunately, Snaps that you send to groups do not count for Snapstreaks. Snaps you send from Memories or Snapchat Spectacles do not also count, and the same thing applies to video calls.

However, videos that you send via the Snap function do.

The benefit of maintaining a Snapchat Streak is essentially for bragging rights. As you Snap more frequently, your in-app score will increase proportionately.

Snapchat’s Emojis

The first point to note here is, these emojis are not the same as Trophies, though the more Streaks you partake in, the greater your likelihood of earning Snapchat Trophies.

If you check the Chat option, you will see your contacts. Some of these names will be around Emojis if not all of the names (based on the number of friends you have added and how frequent your communication with them is).

If you are sending messages to one person consistently, you will see a smiley face appear to the right of their name, showing you are best of friends. This will no doubt appear if you are taking part in a Snap Streak with someone.

Once your Snapchat Streak hits 100 days, the platform will congratulate you, placing the “100” emoji beside to the fire emblem (flame symbol). Beyond that, Snapchat will simply keep on listing the number of consecutive days during which you have been on this current Snapstreak.

Since no one is perfect, one party will naturally forget that they haven’t sent a Snap within 24 hrs of the previous one; however, Snapchat will help forestall this by reminding you with an hourglass emoji that is next to your Streak number.

Once you see an hourglass, try sending a Snap immediately. If you are stewing over the possibility of the other party also forgetting as well, consider sending them a message on Chat (provided their notifications are turned on).

To keep a Streak going, try not to get too precious about what you capture a photo. Since you will not get something meaningful to say daily, you do not entertain any bad feeling if you Snap the ceiling.

You can add text to serve as an explanation that this is to maintain the Snapchat Streak; or try sending them a cool “thinking of you” message.

To make your Snaps livelier, you can always make use of filters.

Reasons for Losing Your Snapchat Streak

1. The most obvious reason that could make you lose a Snapstreak is, either your or your friend has not sent a Snap within the past 1 day (24hrs).

However, try not to cast aspersion on the other person prematurely, since it may not be anyone’s fault sometimes.

2. Connectivity issues with the app are another likely cause to look out for. If one of you finds it difficult to connect to the internet, Snaps may not send. In this kind of situations, Snapchat will inform you that a Snap was not delivered.

You can then try again, but ensure a Wi-Fi connection is handy. If not, you will need to send at a later time. For this reason, we recommend you to start a Streak when you are sure that during certain hours every day you will be home.

3. Another cause is if there’s an issue with your hardware or operating systems. Unfortunately, if this conundrum is not fixed for a few days, your Streak will not be the only victim as your “best friend” status will equally disappear.

Many users, however, say both parties sent Snaps, but the Streak vanished nonetheless.

No one can pinpoint what causes the problem, but the majority of users blame a bug within the app since the issue crops up, especially if you have just installed an update.

How to Restore Your Snapchat Streak

Snapchat recognizes and appreciates its active userbase, which has hit over 190 million.

If you’re convinced that a mistake has been made concerning your lost Snapstreak and have sent a Snap back & forth within a 24-hr period, you can restore your streak by reporting the issue to Snapchat.

  1. Head to Snapchat Support, where you will see a collection of potential problems. Tap My Snapstreaks disappeared. Then, a contact form will load underneath Streaks details, and you will be required to supply basic info about your account and specifics about the Streak.
  2. Try to include as many details as possible, such as your username, mobile number, email address, device, and your friend’s username. You will only be allowed to do one streak per claim.
  3. If you can remember the number of consecutive days during which your Snapstreak lasted, also add it. If not, you can ask your friend.
  4. If you can’t make such an estimate, you will see a space later in the form where you can state that it is an approximation.
  5. It will also be cool if you know an exact date you lost your Snapchat Streak. But you can equally state that the problem came up since you installed the latest app update.

The penultimate question has to do with the hourglass emoji. This ascertains whether one of you simply forgot, and if such is the case, Snapchat may not take any action to help.

Still, you can state your case clearly in the last section entitled, “What information should we know?”

Try to be honest as much as possible and let Snapchat know if your app would not open, a Snap just would not send, or if your internet connection developed an issue.

Have your request sent to them and wait for a response.

Here Are Some Provisos to Note:

Bear in mind that you cannot report a lost Streak to Snapchat, regularly. So, do not make a habit of losing your Streak & filing an appeal with Snapchat. You won’t get any help from them to get it back.

Also, if you notice numerous Streaks have vanished, this procedure may only work with one contact. There is certainly a limit of one username per submission. Thus, consider prioritizing your longest-running Snapstreak.


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