WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android, Details, and How to Make the Switch


You asked for it and now you’ve it: Say hello to WhatsApp’s Dark Mode on Android, which is a feature that lets you choose a dark theme as your WhatsApp’s interface.

The option had been in the works for over 1 year, and it just recently entered the final stages of beta on the Android OS, allowing it to reach a larger number of users. Even though a bevy of users had requested the feature, now that it has been released, at last, it’s clear that it’s far from being perfect.

Thus, it still requires huge improvement, as several fans have already pointed out. Let’s explore the details of WhatsApp’s Dark Mode and show you how to use it on your Android.

What Is Dark Mode on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

As its name suggests, the option inverts the colour theme of the Facebook-owned messaging app, which is a trend in vogue now in a number of popular software, including Google’s Android 10) and Apple’s iOS 13.

Among other benefits, the Dark Mode, reports say, will help cut down on battery usage on phones. Furthermore, it is more soothing to eyes according to some research; however, some studies seem to suggest otherwise.

Nevertheless, a lot of users fancy the Dark Mode, and it sure looks good on a number of smartphones.

How to Activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp for Android

Please, follow this guide to enable WhatsApp’s Dark Mode on your Android mobile phone:

  • Launch WhatsApp from your home screen or the app drawer
  • Press the action overflow menu(which is those 3 vertical dots you will find in the top right corner)
  • Tap Settings and select Chats
  • Press Themes
  • Select Dark in the Choose Theme dialog box
  • The interface will now change to a dark theme.

That is all — the dark mode should now be set up on your Android for the messaging app.

The feature looks especially great on WhatsApp due to the green accents present throughout the interface, and it also offers a bit of visual flair to the messaging software.

As stated earlier, the setting is only in the beta version as of now. It may be launched for public use in a couple of weeks.

Do note that, you need to update your WhatsApp to version 2.20.14 to use the feature.

Issues with Dark Mode on WhatsApp

Dark Mode on WhatsApp is not actually dark per se because it is a combination of dark green as well as grey. You will find that the text appears in white, and other elements like the background for start chat icon is in light green.

Also, you’ll spot the same colour tone on tapping on icons for “status”, “chat”, and “calls”. Because the top bar is in a darker grey colour, it does not really match with the overall theme, which is somewhat like a green palette.

The Dark Mode on WhatsApp is starkly different from the way it is implemented on other social media apps like Instagram. It is pertinent to note that a darker intensity of black colour, as we have it in apps such as Instagram and Twitter, will offer much better looks.

Apart from that, there is another major issue with WhatsApp’s Dark Mode: This comes up when you have tinkered with the wallpaper, for example, when you have chosen a custom wallpaper (like a picture from your gallery). If the photos contain brighter colours, the dark mode will not be effective.

If you’ve picked “no wallpaper”, all you will see is a bright white background, which will eventually damage the purpose of a dark mode.

And you’ll need to press “default” for a wallpaper, which will match the dark theme.

To tackle this issue, one of the solutions WhatsApp can offer users is by turning the background wallpaper into greyscale, be it any of the coloured backgrounds from the app’s menu or custom wallpaper.

Having said that, since Dark Mode on WhatsApp is still in beta, further improvements are still expected to be made by the company. As of now, the option is just a work in progress.

Have you tried the Dark Mode on your WhatsApp? What do you think about it?


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