WhatsApp’s New location sharing Feature Let Users Share Location In Real-time

WhatsApp live location

WhatsApp’s New Feature Which Let Users Share Location In Real-time


WhatsApp users can now share their location with their contacts real time with the WhatsApp live location feature on the new version update. The Facebook owned texting platform are trying their very best to make things easier for their users by introducing a new location sharing feature.

WhatsApp live location

With this new feature, WhatsApp users will not only be able to know their contacts’ location but also keep an eye on them until they get to their destination.

According to WhatsApp, “basically we are aiming to let people all over the world know that their friends and family members are safe at all times.

Explaining the main reason behind introducing this real-time location sharing feature, the messaging platform says, “Whether you’re meeting up with friends, letting loved ones know where you are, or sharing your commute, it is a simple and secure way to let people know that you are safe.”

The location feature on the WhatsApp will be of help whenever you are in trouble or are stuck somewhere, the contact you shared your location with might get an idea that something is wrong, if you are stuck in an unknown location for quite some time. Overall, the WhatsApp live location is a safety kit for users.

According to WhatsApp, user safety has always been their key focus, hence the location sharing feature is claimed to be end-to-end encrypted, meaning that the location that you share with a contact will be between you and the contact and no one else can ever access the information.

With the end-to-end encrypted feature you can share your location with anyone you want, and whenever you want, and then, you can also stop sharing their location just by selecting the “stop sharing” option. Yes, you can choose to stop sharing at any time you want or let the Live Location timer simply expire, if you set a timer before sharing your location.

WhatsApp is obviously not the first application to have incorporated such feature to its platform. Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Apple’s iMessage allow users share their live location in real-time.

How to use the WhatsApp real-time location sharing feature

・Android and iOS users should head over to their App Store and update your WhatsApp application

・Open the app after updating

・Go to the contact you want to share your location with

・Open the chat box

・After opening the chat, click on the sending “attachment” icon and click on the “Location” option

・There will be a new option called “Share Live Location”

・Tap on it and choose the duration/time that you want to share your location with the selected contact and click on the “send” option.

・The contact will instantly be able to see your live location in real-time on a map

WhatsApp also lets you share your location with a group. All the members in the group will be able to see your real-time location and movement.


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