How to Fix White Screen of Death on Mobile Phones

white Screen of Death

White Screen of Death, what it is, causes, and how to fix it. Would you like to know how to fix the white screen of death on mobile phones? Do you own a mobile phone that suddenly cut short with a white screen? Well, we are sorry to hear about it.

What is White Screen of Death? And Causes

Using mobile phones comes with its benefits and it also comes with occasional hiccups and headaches too. The situation where your mobile phone especially Android cut short with a white screen is popularly termed as the “white screen of Death”. While the name may sound scary, the reality is that there are several ways to get it fixed once it happens to you. You don’t need to take your phone to a technician and spend the big bucks, just read this post and you’ll be able to fix it yourself.

The white screen of death starts by appearing little by little and last for a few seconds. But if you don’t get it fixed, it can become frequent. So the first moment you notice, we advise that you get it fixed. If left unattended, the white screen of death can inflict further damage to your mobile phone.

And if you take it to an inexperienced and unprofessional technician, they could cause more damage to your mobile phone.

What causes White Screen of Death

white Screen of Death on phone

The white screen of death in most cases occurs as a result of water damage. It could be that water managed to enter inside the display of your mobile phone which causes the white screen to appear here and there. So without further ado, let’s talk about the three ways on how to fix the white screen of death on mobile phones.

Ways to Fix White Screen of Death

Fix White Screen of Death by Restoring or Rebooting Factory Settings

You can fix the white screen of death by simply restoring or rebooting the factory settings of your mobile phone. Note that this will lead to you losing every file (photos, videos, docs, e.t.c) on your mobile phone. So before you carry this out, ensure that you backup your important files. To do this, you’ll first need to press down the “Power” button and “Volume” Down together, then tap on reboot.

Once your mobile phone reboot, the OS might not load on time as a result of a virus. Here, you’ll need to restore the factory settings before your mobile phone can function well again. To restore the factory settings on your mobile phone, go to Settings >> Backup and Restore >> Follow the on-screen instructions until the process is done.

Clear App Data & Cache and Uninstall Every Unnecessary App

This is another effective way to fix the white screen of death on your mobile phone. Though, this can be stressful as it requires you to go through every appliance on your mobile phone and repeat the same process. Having too many applications can lead to a lot of app data & cache files, thereby causing the white screen of death as your mobile phone CPU can’t handle them all.

So you’ll need to clear app data and cache, then go through the apps list and uninstall the unnecessary ones. You should also consider uninstalling apps with a big file size that your mobile phone can’t handle even if you’re using the app or it serves a purpose. To clear your mobile phone’s app data and cache;

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Then select “Apps & Notifications”
  • Click on the first application you see.
  • Locate the “Storage & Cache” and tap on it.
  • Click on “Clear Cache”.

You’ll need to repeat this process for all apps on your phone that you don’t plan on uninstalling.

Take your Mobile Phone to a Professional and Experienced Technician

The last and final way on how to fix the white screen of death on mobile phones is to take it to a professional technician. This should only be your last resort after you should try the first two ways listed above and you’re still experiencing the white screen of death.

Sometimes, the white screen of death could be a result of a technical fault such as a Loose LCD Connector, Internal damage, and a Detached Cable. These are faults that you have no control over and as a result, handing your mobile phone to a technical expert is the logical thing to do.


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