Xiaomi Unveiled Smart shoe for professional runners


Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi has unveiled a smart shoe known as 90 Minutes Ultra Smart sportswear. Xiaomi is known to be popular with mobile phones manufacturing but the launch of the smart shoe comes as a surprise to many of its fans who have been expecting the brand to announce the successor to the Mi 5.

Xiaomi launched its own processor known as Pinecone couples of days along with the Mi 5c which is the first device from the brand to be powered by the processor. The Smart shoe will be the second announcement from the brand with a month. Meanwhile, the smart shoe is powered by an Intel processor-Intel curie chip which is capable of providing users with detailed information on a number of distance travel and amount of calories burnt.

90 Minutes Ultra Smart sportswear

One may ask, what is the need for a smart shoe? But according to the brand, the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart sportswear is aimed at professional runners and athletes who need a smart to measure their performance during jogging exercise. The smart shoe is developed by a Shanghai-based Runmi Technology Co. Ltd.

In terms of technology features, the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart sportswear is blessed with excellent battery life capable of lasting for up to 60 days. The built-in Intel chip makes it possible for the smart shoe to detect movement during activities like running, walking or even climbing.

Price and availability of Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart sportswear. 

According to our source, the smart shoe will be officially available around April for pre-order and there will be Black and Surf Blue colour options for men while Black and Pink colour will be available for women. For those that will prefer the fashionable variant, there is a special “Blue Edition” of the shoes that glows . The shoes will be sold at CNY 299 (around $45) and will be available from April 15.



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