Xiaomi Redmi X Coming on February 15 with in-display fingerprint Scanner

Xiaomi Africa regional Department

Ever since Redmi X was mentioned by Xiaomi, fans have been wondering how the device will look like. Most people predicted that it would be the recently released Redmi Note 7. But a teaser poster that did not come directly from the official Xiaomi account has revealed that the real Redmi X is going to be unveiled on February 15.

The poster revealed also that the device will be coming out with in-display fingerprint reader making Redmi X the first Redmi series to have such a feature.

Xiaomi Redmi XAlthough we would expect the Redmi X to be a huge upgrade to the note 7. Hopefully, it may come with Snapdragon 710 instead of SD660 in Note 7.  Xiaomi is going to announce the unveiling of Redmi note 7 Pro in February with Snapdragon 675 chipset with a 48MP camera (using a Sony sensor instead of Samsung one). There are rumours that the Redmi X is the Redmi Note 7 Pro that is going to be unveiled soon but we don’t know if that is true yet.

The Chinese spring festival is going to commence from 5 to 15 February and going by the latest trend, it is one of the best time to launch a new device. Remember that the Redmi Note 5 and 5 Pro was unveiled on 14 February last year and we believe that the company might still follow the same trend. What do you think?



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