Cracked TV Screen Causes and What to do with it

cracked TV screen

Have you ever wondered what causes a cracked TV screen and what to do with it? Did your TV screen recently crack? Well, we are sorry about that and will be discussing the causes of a cracked TV screen and what to do with it.

It is no doubt that television is a very intimate object in our daily lives. It serves as entertainment and a source of information about the happenings around us and in the world. TVs also help to unite families especially during the holidays like thanksgiving as they binge on their favorite movies or TV shows together.

We know in today’s world, most people spend more time with their smartphones than on TVs. But still, there are enough people out there that prefer television to mobile phones. So no doubt the cracked TV screen will hurt those sets of people. Is just like you with a cracked smartphone, hurts right? Though a cracked TV screen is not something that happens often like a cracked mobile phone. But whenever your TV cracks, ensure that you assign it to experts for repair and not just any random technician. But before we get into that, let’s look at the causes of crack TV screens.

Common Cracked TV Screen Causes

cracked TV screen Causes

There are several reasons your TV screen might crack. In most cases, the TV screen cracks accidentally. For example, your child hitting or kicking an object to your TV screen. So it is not advisable you leave kids alone in the sitting room with your TV, they are quickly drawn to the action happening on there which I’m sure you must have noticed by now.

Also, ensure that your Television is not placed precariously at the edge of a table or TV stand as it could trip over, fall, and develops a crack.

Another cause is when moving or changing the location of your TV or you’re installing it from the box to your sitting room, you accidentally drop it and it will crack. So there could be several cracked TV screen causes and what to do with it is now the big question, let us look into that now.

What to do with a Cracked TV Screen

Access the Level of Damage

When a Television screen cracks, there could be several levels of damage done to it. You could be dealing with a completely dead screen, for example, a small line in the picture, no picture at all, no sound, or poor picture quality. So before you panic or lose hope, first access the level of damage done to your television.

Do not try to fix your cracked TV screen or else you’re extremely skilled at electronics. You could end up touching the wrong thing and end up causing serious damage to the television.

Check Your TV Warranty

After accessing the level of damage, next up is to check your TV warranty. This is a logical thing to do especially if you’re using a flat-screen TV that you bought brand new, chances are it will have a warranty.

So check to know if you’re still within the TV warranty period. If yes, then you should take your TV to the authorized service centre.

Contact your TV brand customer service and let them direct you on steps to take. Please only contact their right customer service support to get genuine help. But what if the TV is no longer within the warranty period? What do you do then? Well, keep reading.

Get A Professional and Experience Engineer

So if your TV warranty period has expired, your best bet is to get a professional and experienced engineer. Never make the mistake of handing your TV to a roadside or quack technician. In most cases, these people cause more harm as they are inexperienced.

You can walk into your TV brand office or branch and ask for their in-house engineer. Since your warranty period has expired, the engineer will charge you but at least you can be well-assured that he is capable of getting the job done, which is the most important thing here. This is everything you need to about cracked TV screen causes and what to do with it.


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